7 Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Kamado Grill

With the advent of new technology, many people are ditching their traditional gas and charcoal grills for innovative modern options. Kamado grills have been around for decades but have recently become very popular for their versatility and ability to produce quality food across a wide range of temperatures with little room for error. They’re also suitable to use indoors or with a pellet Kamado smoker. Here are 7 innovative ways to upgrade your kamado grill.

1. Spring-Loaded Lid Lifter

One of the complaints about kamado grills is that they’re difficult to open and close because of their unique design. A spring-loaded lid lifter can help you easily work with your kamado grill even if you have arthritis or other mobility issues. These lifters hold the lid open for 2 or 3 seconds so you can position food or place a tool or pan near the coals for easy access. They also make it easier to bring meat inside your house to serve so it doesn’t cool off too much before everyone gets a chance to take a bite.

2. Rotisserie Mount

Kamado grills were designed for roasting and smoking so a rotating feature was built in. However, with this innovation, you can use your grill’s rotisserie mount to roast larger cuts of meat, especially pork shoulder or butt. The rotisserie mount works on most kamado UK grills that use a similar round design. A few even come with one included. Just lift the lid on the grill and then crank the handle on the bottom of the unit to turn it into an oven. While it’s at that point, you can fill up a water pan or tray with water to catch drippings or even add some smoke flavor if you’d like.

3. Microwave Safe Grill Cover

If you have a kamado grill and tend to cook larger amounts of food at once, it can be difficult to keep the heat in check. One solution is to put a grill cover on to help maintain the temperature. However, having one that is microwave-safe might make things even easier because that way you can just remove the cover before reheating food in your microwave. Some kamado grill covers are pretty heavy but are also very durable and will last for years of use.

4. Innovative Charcoal Grilling System

Innovative charcoal grills can make it easy to control the heat level of your food for perfect cooking every time. They have a heating element that controls the flame but also gives you the option to change the heat level. This is especially important when grilling thick cuts of meat that require high heat in order to crisp them up properly but can be dangerous on traditional charcoal grills. In fact, some people believe that these creative kamado grill options are harmful to your health because of the way they can raise the temperature of your food through high-pressure airflow at a much faster rate than traditional grills.

5. Attractive Charcoal Grilling System

A unique kamado ceramic grill system allows you to create your own features and style for your grill. These innovative systems are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so you can add an artistic flair to the way you cook at home. Adding a little bit of personality and beauty to your kitchen will give you more reasons to cook outdoors.

6. Device for Safely Maintaining Your Grill’s Heat Level

If you want an easy way to ensure that your kamado grill is running at the temperature that it should be at all times, it’s possible with this innovative product. This is especially useful because it can be difficult to gauge the heat level of your grill. It is also possible to accidentally overheat a kamado grill dish, which will ruin the flavor and even damage your grill. A temperature regulator can help you control how much heat your food absorbs so that everything is cooked properly for a delicious meal.

7. Pizza Stone For Your Kamado Grill

One of the best ways to enhance your kamado grill experience is with a pizza stone that can help you create delicious homemade pizza right in your own kitchen or backyard. You’ll definitely want to have one of these if you like experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and using a variety of ingredients, sauces, and toppings on different pizzas. You can also use your kamado grill to prepare a pizza before grilling it on the grill.


Kamado grills can be used for a wide variety of different cooking options. Some people use them for roasting, smoking, and even grilling but the majority of people find that they are most useful for larger cuts of meat like pork butt or whole chickens that need to be sliced and the internal temperature needs to be higher than what is required in a gas or charcoal smoker. Now you can easily upgrade your kamado grill experience with these innovative products. In fact, I’m sure you’ll find that you’re already using some of these features as you cook at home right now so why not get creative on your next Kamado BBQ! 

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