BBQ Wood Chips vs. Charcoal – Which is Better For Your Barbecue? 

BBQ wood chips, or charcoal, are two of the most common fuels used in outdoor cooking. These are popular for their long-lasting heat and ability to help provide significant amounts of smoke. But which one is better for your barbecue? Let’s explore this question in the article below.

BBQ Wood Chips vs. Charcoal

You’ve got a beautiful grill ready to eat on, and you want it to be perfect. One way to ensure your barbecue is the best is to choose the right fuel. Charcoal produces heat, but wood chips won’t affect flavor. We’ve created this infographic for you.

Charcoal provides longevity and a neutral smoke flavor but can produce excessive heat if not appropriately handled. Furthermore, charcoal is harder to get started and takes longer to burn up, so they must be used in more significant amounts than wood chips if you’re cooking for many people.

As the name implies, Wood chips are made from wood, which makes them a natural choice for eco-friendly fuel. However, these chips also tend to be very cheap. They’re also more of a hassle to use because you need to soak them in water for about 24 hours before starting to use them.

How to Use Charcoal & Wood Chips

As you can see from this infographic, there are several essential factors to consider when choosing a fuel for your barbecue. Wood chips and charcoal have unique benefits and will work well on a barbecue, but it’s up to you to decide how best to use each one based on what’s most important to you. But choosing between wood chips and charcoal can be difficult, so we’ve created the infographic below so that you can easily compare the pros and cons of each type of fuel.

A. Charcoal

The main advantage of charcoal is that it is the most versatile and easiest to get started. It can be used in multiple ways and larger quantities than wood chips, perfect for a crowd. As a downside, charcoal doesn’t produce smoke as wood chips do – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it removes some of the flavors from your food. Just be sure to keep your charcoal moist by adding water or other liquid as necessary so that it’s ready when you need it.

B. Wood Chips

Wood chips provide the most flavor of any fuel. However, they don’t produce as much heat as charcoal, so you will have to use more wood chips than charcoal to cook your food. If you’re using a grill with a lid, you won’t have to worry about the heat exploding as it can in open-top barbecues. On the other hand, wood chips take longer to ignite and require more preparation steps before use which means that if you’re short on time, this may not be the best choice for your barbecue.

What’s Best For You?

As you can see, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to each one of these fuel types. When it comes to choosing the best type for you, it’s all about what is most important to you and how much time you want to spend preparing and cooking. If ease is high on your list of priorities and you want a more neutral smoke flavor, charcoal is probably the better choice for your barbecue needs. However, if you don’t mind the extra preparation required with wood chips or if the taste is a must-have in any case, then wood chips may be more suited to your needs.

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