Ceramic BBQ: A Greener Way of Cooking

Whether you’re a devoted grill master or want to get outside and enjoy the weather, it’s never too late to master the art of grilling. With ceramic BBQ, your food is cooked with less oil and has a better taste overall. Plus, it requires little cleaning and never leaves any residue or oil stains on your outdoor furniture — who wants that? As always, we have some helpful tips on how you can be a pro in no time at all.

What is ceramic BBQ? 

Ceramic BBQ is an outdoor cooking method that uses a ceramic plate to cook food at high temperatures. It works with a special high-temperature frying pan. The ceramic plate is what makes this method of grilling so unique. It helps to distribute the heat evenly, which produces better results than traditional grilling methods.

As for the benefits of using this type of grilling:

  •  it does not leave any oil stains behind; 
  • it doesn’t require much cleaning; 
  • its temperature can be adjusted quickly. 

You can use ceramic BBQ indoors as well as outdoors, making it ideal for sunny weather or if you fancy grilling on cooler days.

Have you ever noticed that your grilled food provides a greasy aftertaste? This is because the oil and juices from the meat leak into the charcoal a lot of the time. If you’re wondering how to prevent this, then ceramic BBQ is exactly what you need. There are no dripping or burning odors with ceramic cooking — it even reduces oil consumption by up to 60%. In addition, ceramic BBQ products are easy to clean and last a long time.

Are grilling seasonings necessary? 

It’s unnecessary to add any oils or herbs while cooking with ceramic BBQ. The ceramic plate is heatproof to handle grilling heat without any spillage. Plus, ceramic BBQ utensils do the job much better than oils.

If you want to prevent any unhealthy oils from seeping into your food, then a ceramic BBQ brush is an excellent choice. Furthermore, using chilli and garlic rubs on meat while grilling also works with this cooking method.

What is the best Ceramic BBQ product?

There’s a lot to choose from for Ceramic BBQ products, and each one has different features. 

  1. Some are made specifically for indoor cooking, while others are suitable for outdoor use. When shopping for ceramic BBQ products, you should look for durability and price. For example, an excellent indoor grill must be made from heavy-duty materials like stainless steel or cast iron to withstand high temperatures. You wouldn’t want your grille to melt while in use, so you need something that won’t break easily.
  2. When it comes to outdoor grills, you choose between the momentary and continuous models. The former uses electricity while the latter is powered by gas or charcoal briquettes. These grills are usually cheaper than their electric counterparts, but they aren’t as safe when used outside in inclement weather conditions.
  3. For the best-value grilling utensils, then you’ll want to choose a product made from ceramic materials. These grills are generally more durable than their steel counterparts, and they are lighter and can withstand high temperatures.

Ceramic Grills come in many valuable styles: grill brush — to help you clean up after your cooking, barbecue tongs — so you can pick up your meat from the grill as it cooks and isn’t too greasy, spatula — for flipping burgers and other foods easily, scorching plate — is also a frying pan that works like an oversized waffle iron.

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