Grill Your Next Meal with a Kamado Grill

The kamado UK grill is a type of ceramic-coated steel oven made for the purpose of smoking, grilling, and roasting. They are an almost universally recognized food preparation device in both commercial and home kitchens and have gained popularity as a result of their durability and ease-of-use. Aside from these benefits, they are also able to carry out an array of cooking processes that would be difficult or impossible with other types of kitchen devices.

Aside from being durable, kamado grills offer multiple advantages over most other residential kitchen ranges. Unlike conventional ovens or stoves, they do not require any flames to properly function. This means that starting a fire and fueling for cooking can be done well in advance of actual food preparation. This quality makes the kamado grill perfect for last-minute gatherings where chefs might otherwise be unable to prepare their foods or meals in time.

  • The kamado ceramic grill also enhances the flavor of food items as they are being cooked, allowing for unique recipes to be created and tried with limited risk of expensive failure. Because the grills provide such an agreeable grilling experience, they have also become a staple accessory among experienced barbecuers who wish to make their Kamado BBQ parties even more memorable.
  • One of the most important aspects of using a kamado grill is being able to add smoke flavor to the food being cooked. The smoke generated from using this type of device provides a very natural flavor to all foods, as well as adding extra volume for marinades and other wet cooking steps. Although kamado grills are commonly used for grilling and roasting dry food items, their ability to produce smoke is what makes them so useful in preparing otherwise unappetizing food, such as meat that has gone bad. This can be especially useful when cooking large amounts of raw meat, which can often be difficult or boring when prepared in the conventional manner.
  • The ability to add smoke also makes the kamado grill ideal for use in barbecue restaurants for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, it is difficult to get a large amount of smoke into a commercial kitchen without an entire staff working on a single grilling or smoking process at any one time. The kamado grill, on the other hand, can be used to create smoke in smaller quantities over a larger area by using a draft method that allows air flow through the interior chamber. This means that commercial kitchens are able to use this type of appliance as an alternative heat source when conditions allow, instead of using expensive flames or other heating methods.
  • The kamado smoker also makes it easier for chefs to prepare different types of meat and other foods in a single meal. Because they allow a greater range of temperature levels to be achieved, they give the cook more flexibility in how foods are cooked and what temperatures are required. This allows the chef to use various cooking processes, such as searing and grilling, without losing the natural flavor of the food. Depending on how large or small an area is being smoked or grilled, this makes kamado grills perfect for small farmers markets where chefs want to offer a sampling of meats on the same day that they arrive at their establishments.
  • Another of the greatest advantages of using a kamado grill is the ease with which they are able to be cleaned after use. They can be washed using warm or cold water, or even put into a dishwasher depending on how dirty they have become. In instances where replacing the grills is necessary, they can easily be swapped out with new versions without having to worry if they will fit correctly.

Finally, many kamado grills also come with cooking accessories that allow them to double as food smokers and rotisseries. This means that they are able to perform the functions of an outdoor pizza oven, griddle, fryer and other kitchen accessories while still retaining the kamado grill’s ability to add smoke flavor to food items as they are being prepared.

Although kamado grills have become increasingly popular in recent years, there are a few drawbacks that must be considered before purchasing them for home use. Namely, because kamado grills are ceramic-based, they can only sustain high temperatures for short periods of time. They tend to keep the heat in their internal chambers for only about an hour before needing to be refueled with more heat and smoke producing materials.

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