Kamado BBQ: Benefits of this style of cooking

Suppose you love to grill or want to learn how you’ve probably heard of Kamado BBQ. This style of cooking is the ultimate choice for barbecuing. It combines a stovetop and long-term smoker with the typical charcoal or wood-fired cooking process. With this barbecue style, smoke is injected into the food at low temperatures with a tiny flame; this keeps moisture in the food even as it cooks and prevents burning. We will cover the benefits of this cooking style and provide some tips for getting started.


The Kamado BBQ has a heavy, circular-shaped cast iron lid and base. These chunks of iron have been through extreme heating and cooling processes to help them retain the heat better. The difference between a Kamado barbeque grill and other types of barbeques is how the heat is contained inside the unit. Heat is typically contained via metal, ceramic, or even glass walls which can all be found within this barbecue style.


A kamado barbecue tends to be quite expensive compared to other styles of smokers on the market; however, the higher cost is due to higher quality materials being used in its construction.


The Kamado BBQ is typically durable and will rarely require any significant repairs. However, several potential problems you may encounter and how you plan to deal with them will determine the amount of time and money you’ll have to invest in maintenance.

You should remember that the surface of this type of barbecue can become very hot. Be careful not to accidentally touch the surface with bare hands as this could cause it to burn or burn your skin. The worst way to prevent this is wearing gloves when changing or taking out the food within a kamado. You should also be careful not to place your fingers directly over the fire ring when turning the food over(especially if you do so while wearing gloves!).

The other major potential problem is that the food being cooked on a kamado can be scorched if you do not use the correct type of wood for this type of barbecue. The best way to prevent this for an outdoor grill is to either use wood chips or charcoal.

Tips for Successful Grilling

Although this technology was first developed in the 1970s, it is not only popular today but also widely used and well respected. Its success can mainly be attributed to how it manages to drip smoke into foods while still maintaining a high heat level to cook meat and vegetables evenly. You may have heard of this as “smoke-roasting” or “slab cooking.”

Depending on the barbecue style you are using, you may need to figure out how to get your meat to fit on the grill. For example, if you are using a kamado-style grill, then you’ll need to figure out the optimal placement of your food so that it will be able to cook through and at the same time not over-cook or become overcooked on one side. It will take a bit of experimentation and practice before you can easily place all sorts of foods at once on an open grill or barbecue.

Special Considerations for Outdoor Grilling

Outdoor grills are generally easier to clean compared to their indoor counterparts. However, when it comes to cleaning this type of barbecue, you’ll need to be more careful. Since the open air is exposed from the top and sides, you must be extra cautious not to put any water or soap in its interior. Most kamado grills provide access points on the top and sides that allow you an easy way of accessing the hot surface while still allowing you access to its interior.

Also, it should be noted that some experts suggest a particular type of metal or tin foil to be used on the surface of your kamado; this will help with preventing rust from forming. However, you may need to use this type of metal for continuously cooking over lesser periods.


Hopefully, you now know a bit more about this type of barbecue. The benefits of this particular style are numerous, but the costs are also relatively high. For these reasons, it is truly a matter of personal preference as to whether or not you will want to invest in a kamado barbecue.

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