Kamado BBQ – The best thing for your climate, cooking style, and needs

Do you love to cook food on the grill? Then Kamado BBQ might be the grill for you! It’s a unique grilling method that makes using charcoal easy, with no smoke or flare-ups. The grill design is intended to help with longevity, durability, and, most importantly: accuracy. This article will outline the benefits of Kamado BBQ and help you decide if it is suitable for your climate, cooking style, and needs.

Which is the best design for you?

Kamado BBQs are divided into two basic types: the top-mounted dome and the bottom-mounted offset. Both have their pros and cons, so it depends on your cooking style and whether one or the other is perfect for you.

Top-Mounted Domes

The top-mounted dome looks like a tall, pointed dome with a chimney running down the center. Some even have a remote thermometer to determine your grill temperature quickly. Such convenience is great for restaurants in full swing all day long. The cooking surface becomes the floor with a hood over it, which can be very expensive to maintain and repair if there is any mishap (i.e., one of the flue pipes breaks). However, if you’re not in high volume, this design is the cheapest – and, more than that, has no maintenance costs!

Bottom-Mounted Offsets

The bottom-mounted offset design is a flat grill with shelves on either side for storing food, utensils, and your accessories. This design is perfect for someone who likes to cook on the grill at home because it saves money (purchase cost) and requires minimal maintenance –there are no flue pipes and chimneys to check constantly. This type of BBQ has a convection fan above it, which helps with smoke/flame distribution and cooking temperature.

What are the benefits of Kamado BBQ?

The main advantage of Kamado is that food can cook slowly at a controlled temperature, resulting in a more accurate cooking process. Food cooked on an offset also doesn’t have any smoke/flare-ups to get rid of, making it much easier to clean up afterward.

Do Kamado BBQ fail?

Not really, but here are some issues it shares with other BBQs: seals can easily be damaged or broken due to extreme weather conditions (i.e., high wind and rain). At the same time, they are very well-known for having a difficult time with condensation/moisture buildup. They can also get sloppy because the food slides down the grill’s surface due to its shape and level top. This can cause rust spots on your grill’s surface, so you must periodically check your Kamado BBQ for such problems.

What does the design mean for you?

This is a fascinating question. If you plan on eating out at a restaurant that uses Kamado BBQ, then go with the top-mounted dome. Since your grilling location isn’t fully covered, a bottom-mounted offset wouldn’t be good because of your grill’s size.

What type of food do you like to cook? 

Those who love small octopus or shrimp can quickly cook them on the top-mounted dome while keeping them well above the grill’s surface. Since the shelf on the top of the dome is relatively small, it would be best to use something like a small stone for extra weight. On the other hand, if you enjoy cooking large hunks of meat on your grill, go with the offset design.

What do you need in a grill?

 It depends on what you want! It’s best if your grill could have remote thermometers, but they are more expensive than the ones without. The tops of a Kamado BBQ are removable, making them easy to clean. However, that means that the inside surface of your grill can rust out with time due to moisture buildup. You do not want to put grilling oil or anything near the grill’s inside surface because it can cause leakages and rust stains on your beautiful Kamado BBQ (i.e., grease build-up and moisture).

If you opt for a Kamado BBQ with flue pipes, you will have to check them frequently because of rusting and leaks. It’s best to clean the inside and outside of your grill with water often so that it won’t rust out too quickly. Before lighting your grill up, it is also essential to have safety precautions in places, such as fire extinguishers or at least a fire blanket.

What type of cooking method do you use most often? 

If you like to cook meat or fish and use indirect grilling/smoking methods, go for the offset design and get one with a fan. Use a drip pan under your grilling surface to get your meat to cook evenly and slightly above the grate. The moisture will be distributed throughout the grill instead of sitting on a single spot.


If you feel that Kamado BBQ suits your climate, cooking style, and needs, it would be a great purchase. Remember that it’s not really “baking” on your grill because the temperature is consistent. Also, be careful of who’s handling the show! Always cook outdoors and never leave your grill unattended if any accidents occur. Bon Appétit!

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