Kamado BBQ: What Makes It Different From Other Grills

Kamado BBQ: What Makes It Different From Other Grills

When people hear the word “grilling,” they probably think of hot dogs, burgers, and steaks. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it doesn’t come close to how good you can cook on a Kamado BBQ.

But what makes a Kamado different? Three significant features distinguish it from other grills: air control, dome construction (e.g., materials), and heat distribution. Let’s take a look.

Air Control

The fact that Kamado grills can be closed gives you greater air control over your grill. Instead of simply relying on open flames and oxygen (as you would on a traditional grill), you can regulate the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with your food.

There are two ways to regulate airflow to your charcoal: using a vent at the bottom and using dampers at the top. With either method, you want to ensure that you get an even flow of hot, oxygen-rich air around your food (this is what “seals in” the flavor). Without it, not only does the cooking time go up, but the flavor goes down as well.

If you’re having trouble regulating airflow, you can try placing your fuel source (charcoal, wood, etc.) underneath the vent. This helps keep air flowing through your grill. Otherwise, you can use a charcoal chimney starter to get a head start on your fire.

Also, don’t forget about “purging” the charcoal by letting all the oxygen out of your grill. To do this, close all vents and place an aluminum sheet on top of the grill while you wait for all the smoke to clear. This will help disperse the oxygen to the charcoal.

Dome Construction (Materials)

Kamado BBQ is one of the best features of a Kamado BBQ. The dome has many advantages, but your food retains heat better than traditional grills. This means you can cook with less fuel and more efficiency.

The dome construction found in a Kamado is two main types: wood and metal. Wood absorbs more moisture, meaning it needs more time to reach high temperatures for excellent cooking. Metal doesn’t absorb much water, allowing it to get higher-temperature cooking in less time.

But which material is better? It’s really up to you and the type of food you cook. However, most people agree that the best way to get the best results on a BBQ is with metal domes that use ceramic tiles for heat distribution, as well as infrared heat.

Heat Distribution

You must get an even distribution of heat with any grill. This is especially true with Kamado grills. How well your food cooks depends on how evenly the heat reaches it. That’s why the best Kamado grills have domes (instead of just being flat) and include ceramic tiles for heat distribution. The ceramic tiles may be darker in color, but don’t worry about this since they still give off plenty of radiant energy to cook your food evenly. Just remember to clean them regularly so they can do their job correctly!

Even if you’re not cooking over a fire, it’s still essential to get an even distribution of heat around your grill. Otherwise, you risk burning your food or having parts of it remain raw.

What’s All This About Wood?

Nowadays, most Kamado BBQs are made of wood and clay. Wood is used because of its insulating effect, especially the lighter woods like ash and alder. These woods are more expensive than the more common hardwoods found in many grills, but they do a better job at keeping your heat in.

Clay is also used in Kamado grills as a material for dome construction. It may seem strange to use clay in an outdoor product, but it’s one of the best materials out there for its ability to hold moisture and heat. It’s a much cheaper alternative to the ceramics that many Kamado grills use, but it still does a fantastic job controlling airflow and heat distribution.

Other Materials Found in a Kamado BBQ

There’s wood and clay on your grill. The metal used for the dome is often stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is more durable and can handle the heat of cooking better than aluminum, but it may not do an excellent job at distributing heat around your grill. The best metal domes are made out of stainless steel with ceramic tiles.


There is no doubt that Kamado grills are some of the best BBQs available, but they are not the cheapest. Their high price tag may be one of their most significant drawbacks, but it’s always a good idea to look around for deals before you purchase a Kamado.

We hope that this article has helped answer any questions about purchasing or using a kamado grill.

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