KAMADO BONO: New Kamado grill

New is a well-forgotten old. Clay “kamado” type grills, which have conquered the whole world in recent years, remember the history of 3 thousand years! It was then that clay baking utensils were discovered and found by archaeologists on Chinese territory.

Over time, they changed, improved, and reached other lands. Many different options appeared. In Japan, for example, a small, charcoal-fired mushikamado oven with a massive removable lid and valves for precise control of cooking temperature has become popular. In this oven, rice was steamed and other dishes were prepared.

After World War II, the versatility of “mushikamado” was appreciated by American troops stationed in Japan. After completing their service, they took the exotic device home. In America, it became known as “kamado”. Translated from Japanese, this word means stove or oven.

A representative of traditional Oriental cuisine in the Western world instantly felt at home. Due to the thick ceramic walls, kamado retains its constant heat, making it ideal for preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Kamado gives steaks, fish and vegetables a unique smoky aroma. Due to the almost unchanged shape of the dome over the centuries, the air circulates evenly inside, and the food bakes so quickly that it instantly becomes covered the crispy crust, leaving the inside soft and juicy.

Kamado is not afraid of heat at all. By regulating the air flow through the dampers, temperatures as high as 400 °C can be reached! Therefore, you can bake Italian pizza or traditional Lithuanian bread with kamado! In addition, this device also replaces the food smoker…

We can talk about Kamado grills for a very long time, but we decided to see for ourselves what they are capable of, and we tried as many as four different sizes of  KAMADO BONO models, which have recently reached the TECHNORAMA stores.

How does KAMADO BONO work?

The KAMADO BONO grill is fired with charcoal, which we put in the fire box at the bottom of the case. One serving of charcoal is enough for about half a day. When the fire starts, the pan heats up in less than 15 minutes.

The built-in thermometer in the back cover allows you to monitor the cooking temperature. It can be changed by regulating the flow of incoming and outgoing air. The ceramic surface remains sufficiently cool. It is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, does not crack and does not lose its insulating properties. In addition, it is very easy to clean.

Which grill to choose?

KAMADO BONO offers as many as four different sizes of kamado grills from 15 to 25 ″ in diameter. During the tests, we made sure that the special ceramic construction ensures completely the same cooking conditions and they do not depend on the dimensions of the model. So you can choose the KAMADO BONO grill that best suits your needs:

KAMADO BONO Minimo – 15″

      Compact and easy grill that will become a loyal companion on nature trips! This is a                 great solution for those who have a small terrace and want to enjoy juicy steaks.

  • KAMAMO BONO Media – 20

Prepare delicious food for the whole family or a group of friends with this grill. We recommend it for those who have their own yard or large terrace.


An extra-large grill worth choosing if you often spend time with a large group of friends or co-workers.

  • KAMADO BONO Limited – 25
    This is the largest KAMADO BONO model created for real professionals! Great for bars, restaurants and anywhere you need to prepare meals for large groups of people.

Four ways to cook

KAMADO BONO – a universal pan. It allows you to try different cooking methods:

Direct baking

It is well known to all grill and barbecue owners. Direct baking is used very often. The food is prepared over an open fire, with the preparation of popular dishes: burgers, kebabs or steaks. This method of cooking is fast enough – it takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the type of dish.

During direct baking, the food quickly roasts, becomes covered with a crispy crust and retains the juice. Roasted food can be moved to a higher grill to prevent it from burning. This method of cooking can also be used to prepare a steak garnish – roasted vegetables.

Indirect baking

It is a method of cooking where food is prepared using reflected heat. It is reminiscent of roasting in the oven. When using indirect cooking, KAMADO BONO grills must not be opened frequently. Meat or other dishes should not be placed on a direct heat source unless the temperature is very low and close to the heat reflected. The easiest way to protect food from direct heat is to use a special ceramic pad – deflector as an option.

Indirect cooking is great for preparing large pieces of meat and lasts from a few to several hours. During that time, it is evenly distributed, and the turkey, lamb, or massive steak acquires the same temperature that is worth controlling using an electronic thermometer-probe.

Food smoking

Every gourmet knows and adores the taste of naturally smoked food! With KAMADO BONO you can smoke fish, ham or even white curd cheese very easily. You will not find such delicacies that will surprise your householders and guests in any store!

Food smoking is only allowed outside. The procedure takes a few hours. Hardwood chips are used for smoking. Cover the embers with a deflector to prevent food from getting a direct heat. When using the valves, you must adjust the temperature to 105-135 °C.

Baking in the oven

With the flat baking stone for KAMADO BONO, you can bake like in a real oven! The spherical KAMADO hood works in exactly the same way as the oven vault, and the cooking temperature remains constant throughout the cooking due to the ceramic walls.

You can bake and enjoy homemade pizza, bread or fluffy cakes. The baking stone forms a crispy crust that cannot be made by baking food in a conventional electric oven.

Useful accessories

KAMADO BONO offers not only grills, but also accessories for them, which further expand the possibilities of KAMADO. The accessories are tailored to specific models, so you need to choose them based on the size of your grill:

1. Multifunctional two-zone cooking system. This additive allows you to cook at different altitudes and temperatures at the same time. You can cook your favorite dishes on direct and indirect heat.

2. Stainless steel upper grille. They save time by allowing you to cook several large dishes at once, using up the entire area of the barbecue. The grille is made of stainless steel.

3. Flat baking stone. This additive turns a KAMADO BONO grill into a real oven. You can bake pizza, bread, cake or pancakes with it!

4. Ceramic heat deflector. Protects food from direct heat, so dishes are prepared using heat reflected from the walls. Great for preparing large products, smoking meat and fish at low temperatures.

5. Cast iron grilles for a multifunctional two-zone system. Due to the thick metal, the baking surface stays hot longer. You can fry many different dishes on it, such as meat and vegetables.

6. Stainless steel pliers. With them, you can easily place, remove and raise the KAMADO grill during cooking.

7. Protective grill cover. Isolates the grill from the negative effects of the environment.

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