KAMADOCLUB: New Kamado grill

New is a well-forgotten old. Clay “kamado” type grills, which have conquered the whole world in recent years, remember the history of 3 thousand years! It was then that clay baking utensils were discovered and found by archaeologists on Chinese territory.

Over time, they changed, improved, and reached other lands. Many different options appeared. In Japan, for example, a small, charcoal-fired mushikamado oven with a massive removable lid and valves for precise control of cooking temperature has become popular. In this oven, rice was steamed and other dishes were prepared.

After World War II, the versatility of “mushikamado” was appreciated by American troops stationed in Japan. After completing their service, they took the exotic device home. In America, it became known as “kamado”. Translated from Japanese, this word means stove or oven.

A representative of traditional Oriental cuisine in the Western world instantly felt at home. Due to the thick ceramic walls, kamado retains its constant heat, making it ideal for preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Kamado gives steaks, fish and vegetables a unique smoky aroma. Due to the almost unchanged shape of the dome over the centuries, the air circulates evenly inside, and the food bakes so quickly that it instantly becomes covered the crispy crust, leaving the inside soft and juicy.

Kamado is not afraid of heat at all. By regulating the air flow through the dampers, temperatures as high as 400 °C can be reached! Therefore, you can bake Italian pizza or traditional Lithuanian bread with kamado! In addition, this device also replaces the food smoker…

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