Kamado Grill: A Guide to Outdoor Cooking

There are many ways to cook food outside, including on a grill. Kamado UK grills make outdoor cooking so easy because they retain heat for such a long time that there is always enough for slow-cooking dishes. You can enjoy Kamado BBQ, outdoor cooking with friends and families, and even organize large gatherings around the grill.

But it’s not just your imagination: you really can cook food outside in every season! This article will provide you with all of the information you need to know about how to use a Kamado smoker. Read on to find out how easy it really is to grill in the winter.

How It Works

A Kamado grill is a large ceramic cooker with a single main chamber that is made of thick ceramic to allow temperature control with minimal effort. The Kamado grill uses a high heat source, typically either hardwood or charcoal and cooks food slowly rather than hot and fast over high heat. This allows for superior flavor when compared to cooking over other types of heat sources. You can cook food at low temperatures for longer periods of time, capturing subtle flavors that might be lost through higher temperatures or faster cooking times.

Types of Kamado Grills

When you think of a Kamado grill, you probably imagine a large ceramic cooking box that is used outside to cook food. However, there are many different types of Kamado grills, each with different sizes and features. The most well-known type is the Big Green Egg. This style of grill will provide you with the most control over heat and temperature, as well as provide the best airflow control for more sensitive foods like fish or vegetables. The Akorn Kamado-style grill provides a great option for the do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiast looking for a cooker that is typically less expensive than other styles of grills. The design has fewer panels and vents to make the cooker lighter, and it is easier to clean.

Choosing a Kamado Grill

Whether you are looking to purchase a new Kamado grill or simply want to make sure that your current grill is in tip-top shape, here are some tips for choosing the best type of grilling setup for your cooking style and taste preferences:

  • Size: The size of the Kamado ceramic grill makes a big difference when it comes to grilling. The Big Green Egg is large enough that you have enough room for food and accessories, but not so large that you will burn off the lid or rack before you get done cooking. The Akorn grill is a smaller kettle-style cooker, but still large enough to cook a large quantity of food. If you need something portable, then the Kamado Joe models are perfect for you. They can be easily transported and stored anywhere in your home or even out in the garden.
  • Heat Source: The heat source of the cooker is another factor that can make a difference when selecting a grill. The Big Green Egg uses charcoal as its main heat source. This provides wonderful flavors and smoke that slowly cooks with controlled temperature and time. Hardwood briquettes are used for the Akorn cooker, which will give you delicious flavors when cooked over hardwood coals for longer periods of time than most other grills. The Kamado Joe models use a combination of lava rock and hardwood for the heat source, providing excellent flavor and emissions.
  • Temperature Control: The temperature control on the grill is another factor that can make a difference when choosing your grill. The Big Green Egg provides excellent temperature control when compared to other grills available on the market today. You can control how much air circulation is provided to the cook chamber, offering more control than any other style of grill. There are two different ways you can use this cooker: by using a chimney starter or by using an electric charcoal starter. The chimney starter requires no lid, while the electric starter will give you much more control over the cooker.
  • Temperature Range: Another factor that can make a difference when selecting a Kamado grill is the temperature range allowed by the cooker. The Big Green Egg provides a temperature range from 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you fantastic control when cooking with ingredients such as smoked meats and vegetables. The Akorn model also allows for this same range of temperatures but might allow for smoking at higher temperatures than the Big Green Egg. The Kamado Joe model has an even lower maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and will not allow smoking at all.


A Kamado grill can provide you with the best flavors and temperature control when compared to using other types of outdoor cooking methods. While there are many different styles of Kamado grills currently available on the market, you do not have to settle for the cheapest option available. By understanding how these grills work, you can make sure that your purchase is the right one for your needs and what you expect out of your outdoor cooking experience.

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