Kamado Grill: Benefits of This Cooking Paradise

Kamado Grill: Benefits of This Cooking Paradise

Kamado grills are known as the most versatile of cooking appliances. With a kamado grill, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes ranging from smoked meats to slow-cooked stews and even delicate desserts! The next time you feel inclined to get one for yourself, check out these eight benefits!

Kamado Grill Benefits

1. They are versatile

Versatility is the innate characteristic of this type of grills. You can cook just about anything on a kamado grill – seafood, legumes, vegetables, poultry and meat. The grill allows you to cook at varied temperatures and also to use different kinds of fuel (charcoal or gas) depending on how you want the finished product to be.

2. They have a good amount of room on top

Kamado grills come with adjustable racks which allow for a lot of room for food to be placed above the flames. This is unlike some grills in the market that have small decks and are a lot smaller. With a larger deck, you can have more room for everything in your grill so you don’t have to worry about adding additional deck tops.

3. It can give off smoke which adds flavor to the meat

Kamado grills are famous for the smoke it gives off, and this makes them good for smoking meats. This is because kamado grills need a certain kind of charcoal that allow it to burn slowly, which helps with giving the meat a smoky flavor.

4. They are very easy to clean

Kamado grills are easy to clean, which is really a blessing if you plan on using it a lot. For example, the ash residue from the smoking process can be easily scraped or brushed off without having to use soapy water. The non-stick surface also makes cleaning easier.

5. This appliance can cook food at different temperatures

Kamado grills come with adjustable temperature controls that allow you to alter the temperature at which your food is cooked. If you only want it cooked at lower temperatures, then you can set the temperature higher and leave the lid open; if you prefer it at relatively high temperatures, then you can place a cover over your grill and keep it closed.

6. It can get very hot

One of the best things about this type of grill is that they can get extremely hot. You can adjust the temperature over time as you see fit, and when it is time to move the meat from one part to another, you will have a grill that will not give in to the heat.

7. It does not have a large amount of space in between the top and bottom surfaces where there are coals or gas

The space in between the top and bottom parts of kamado grills is relatively small compared to other grills with larger spaces for fuel. This means that you won’t have to worry about adding coals or gas.

8. It is lightweight and easy to transport

Kamado grills are small and lightweight, which makes transporting them relatively easy. In addition, the top of the grills can be removed for easier access and this makes you able to cook food in large batches. This is because once the lid is removed from a kamado grill, you can open it up and put all your ingredients inside from left to right, through the grate and down into the fire chamber. But apart from these benefits, Kamado Grill does not come with a lot of maintenance issues compared to other kinds of grills.

Are there any drawbacks of Kamado Grills?

Kamado grills may be a bargain compared to the cost of other cooking appliances, but they have some flaws that make them less than desirable. Like any other type of grill, there are some maintenance tasks that you need to perform on your kamado grill:

  1. The kamado has a traditional charcoal burning process, and this can burn out your grates or those parts that you place your food above the fire. To avoid this and other damage to your grill, you should always have some kind of means of protection in place. This can be a cover or a grate over the fire chamber.
  2. A kamado grill’s lid can be heavy, especially if it is a ceramic one. If you have weaker hands or arms, you might have to look for lighter alternatives.
  3. The lower heating grate should not be damaged because this can negatively affect your grill’s temperature. So if you are using the grill’s legs to place your food above the fire, be careful not to damage it through use or abuse.
  4. If you have a gas-powered kamado grill, then you will have to buy gas tanks time and time again as they run out fast when used continuously for long periods.


As you can see, Kamado grills have a lot to offer. These appliances are known to be versatile to be used with different kinds of foods. They are easy to clean and use, don’t need a lot of space between the top and lower grill surfaces, give off intense smoke that adds flavor to your dish, come in lightweight packages, and the list goes on.

But not everything about kamado grills is excellent, though; there wouldn’t be any other appliance without its flaws. Like all different types of grills that use charcoal for cooking purposes, kamados have a traditional charcoal burning process, which is also true for their maintenance.

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