Kamado Grill: Comparison of Different Models

I will tell you about a fantastic invention called the Kamado Grill. The Kamado Grill is a high-quality ceramic grill that has a lot of features like heavy-gauge steel and dense insulation, which help it retain heat and distribute it evenly to cook your food well. This post will talk about different models of Kamados Grills and how they compare. 

What models of Kamado Grills are there?

There are two types of Kamado Grill, the Big Belly style and the Side-Dispenser style. 

  • The Big Belly style is the original design with a tapered belly. It is made of porcelain on both sides with heavy gauge steel. This allows for good heat distribution, so it can grill much more food at once than other grills. The insulation on this grill will retain more heat than the side-dispenser models because it has more mass (it’s heavier).
  • The Side-dispenser has a design to hold foods and liquids in its bottom chamber (like a water cooler). It has a thicker belly to hold more insulation and has smaller top vents for the Kamado. These grills still have good heat distribution, though it’s not as good as the Big Belly style.
  • The other model is the Maillard style. The Maillard style is an update on the Big Belly model. It still has porcelain on both sides, but this time with thermal shock resistance added. This allows for more heat retention and transfer, which makes it an excellent indoor grill because it won’t overheat and have to let it cool down. It also has side vents in which you can adjust the airflow so that there is less airflow out the top vents, and you can control how much cool air (not hot air) will get into your food while grilling or smoking under it.

What do I need to purchase…

There are many different types of Kamados. They all have one thing in common; they can be a good choice for cooking food. To choose a Kamado, you need to know what type you want and how much heat retention and airflow you need. Three main factors determine these:

  1. The first factor is the purpose of the grill.  If you want an outdoor grill, look for something made from steel, as it will maintain heat very well and stay hot after cooking. If you don’t want to leave the grill outside all year long, look for something made from porcelain (or porcelain-coated metal). This will hold heat well and won’t rust, so it is suitable for indoor grilling. 
  2. The second factor is the price. You can buy a Kamado for about $500, but you will have to choose carefully if you want one of the higher-end grills that have been improved from previous models or just something cheap.  The price of these grills will depend on how much heat retention and the type of ceramic used for the plates, so if you don’t want to spend over $500, then don’t get any costly grill. The cheapest choices are porcelain coated steel, but they won’t last as long as a porcelain model.
  3. The third factor is the type of food you like to grill. If you want pork, get a porcelain model; it will maintain the heat well and won’t rust. If you want to grill vegetables and proteins, go for the side-dispenser style (cheaper) or a big belly model.


There are many different types of Kamado Grills, but they are all made to grill food evenly, not burn it. They have heat retention, low airflow, and a thick belly. They use these to cook your food evenly during the grilling process. If you want an outdoor grill or an indoor grill (more specifically, an indoor Kamado), look at these three factors when deciding which one you want to buy.

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