Kamado Grill: Description and Principle of Work

Kamado Grill: Description and Principle of Work


There are plenty of things to occupy your time. You’ll want to complete a long project, such as a Kamado BBQ Grill. This device is easy to assemble and is perfect for smoking meats, fish, and vegetables at the same level of flavor with fewer calories than a traditional charcoal grill. This article provides information about how kamados work and how they stack up against conventional grills. 

Description of Kamado grill

In the past, grilling meat, chicken, and fish were one of the most common ways of cooking. Using a traditional grill allows you to cook food over direct heat, reducing the cooking time and allowing for better food preservation at higher temperatures than indirect heat. A kamado is an indirect-heat cooking device that uses the same concept differently, focusing on meat and roasts. The primary purpose of this device is to create a consistent temperature from your food from all sides, allowing you to achieve excellent results with less time and effort.

  • Kamados are also known as Big Green Egg grills or Big Green Eggs because they have top and bottom chambers. As the name implies, this device is in the shape of an egg with two chambers. It has two chambers where kamados get their name from “egg.” inside the egg are two separate chambers—the fuel chamber and the food chamber. This way, you can keep one side of your food warm while cooking the other side.
  • Kamado grill uses pressurized gas as a heat source for cooking via indirect heat. Depending on their models, the gasses are usually propane or natural gas pressurized to 200-550 psi or higher. The higher the number of psi, the more heat is produced from the unit. 

The combustion process begins when you light both upper and lower chambers. The flame will pass through a pipe into the lower chamber. As it heats up, it rises to meet air coming up through vents in the side of the grill. It mixes, forming hot air that moves up into the top chamber and eventually out of vents in its lid. 

How does it work?

The whole process of a kamado grill is more complicated than just the existing system of its functions. It requires products, materials, and technology to work effectively at what it does.

Value and cost – benefits and disadvantages

This product is one of the most exciting products on the market because it was not made for a specific type of person but created for anyone who would like to take the best advantage of their money. This means that this product can be an expensive investment if you do not have enough money to buy this item because, after all, this is not an ordinary grilling device. On the other hand, it can also be a cheap investment for you if you want to buy this product because, for example, you already have a grill and now you just want to add on to it or something like that. What I mean is that this product can be considered as an expensive investment for you; however, if you are planning on buying one of these grills so that your cooking time is cut in half when preparing meals, then it will be worth every penny.

So why should people purchase a kamado grill?

 Many models look similar to one another. Consistency, quality, and value are the top reasons. A value is provided to the owner of this item by its versatility as it can be used for many types of foods and cuts. 

The cost of this product is not bad for what you buy. This is true because many users were surprised how much cheaper kamados turned out to be than other grills that are just as good if not better than this grill. This means that you may pay more for a product at first, but later, you feel like it was worth every penny when you use it. Its longevity and durability are also two reasons people enjoy using kamados so much.

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