Kamado Grill: Safety of Using

The Kamado grill has become quite popular in recent years. With the purchase of the cooking appliance, consumers know they can cook with an open fire and not worry about health risks. Many users love to cook over this device because everything goes outdoors, allowing for a natural heat source. This low-cost option ensures safer food consumption without adding unnecessary chemicals to your diet and body. But how secure is it? Is there a risk? The answer is yes, but also no on that particular question. There are some safety concerns when using this grill, such as fire dangers and electrical risks, so people are advised to use it with caution only under prescribed situations.

Tips for Safe Grilling

All grills have their inherent dangers, so it is best to take precautions to protect yourself and the food that is being cooked. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Always use a clean grill.  Consider investing in a grill brush to help with cleaning.  Ensure there are no coals or ashes left over from the last time you used the device before putting food on it.  Never leave an unattended grill.  If you must leave the area, turn off the propane tank and cover your grill.  Never allow children near this device when it is in use—especially if they are playing nearby unattended or unsupervised.
  2. Have a fire extinguisher at the ready.  Fires can quickly break out if not used correctly.  The propane tank is always a concern if you have a gas grill.  It could leak and cause serious problems, so you need to keep that in mind.
  3. Propane tanks can be a hazard, but not if they are handled with care and safety measures are followed. Follow the directions and warnings from oil manufacturers, gas companies, and fire departments. Always make sure propane tanks are never overfilled and always properly tighten the gas valve to prevent leaks. If there is an overfill, do not try to force more propane into the tank as it could cause damage or even an explosion.

Other safety tips:

  • Allowing children to use the grill is a big mistake, leading to burns and injuries.  Children should never use the propane tank or add too much fuel—this can be dangerous to them and others around them.  Always use hoods and aprons if you are grilling food on an outdoor grill with kids nearby.  Keep young children, particularly under five years old, away from all grills and fire sources when they are in use.  Do not leave grills unattended while using them—keep close at hand, so you do not run into problems while cooking or cleaning up afterward.
  • The biggest safety concern is the fire. Cooking over an open flame is dangerous, especially indoors. Never use a grill without a proper extinguisher installed, and always make sure to stand back from the grill when using it. Do not leave grills unattended, and never leave children alone with them.  Allow adults to supervise small children when using outdoor grills in the yard.
  • If the grill is damaged and cannot be used, do not use it for cooking.  If you find yourself in this situation, check with your insurance agent or fire department to get a new, working grill.  This may be a bit costly, but it is worth it to protect everyone in the household who uses the device. 
  • An electrical risk exists when using an induction hob as well.  This type of cooking appliance has been said to cause possible electrical hazards by emitting high levels of electromagnetic radiation over time on the surface it is placed on—some people have reported that they are uncomfortable while standing near this appliance.


The Kamado grill may look like a hazardous cooking device, but it is not.  It is made from quality materials, has no coals, and is safe to use.  Users are advised to follow the safety precautions outlined above, especially when children are around.  Never forget that the Kamado grill is an outdoor cooking appliance, just like any other type of grill. Because of this, it does have a chance of damaging fire and electrical hazards, so you must be aware of this fact before purchasing one.

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