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Kamado Grill – Enjoy Cooking Outdoors

If you love to cook, or maybe even just enjoy spending quality time in the kitchen with friends and family, it might be challenging to pass up the Kamado grill. With its distinctive dome shape, this outdoor cooker boasts a super stylish design that blends beautifully into your backyard or patio. It’s also designed with convenience in mind and many extra features that make every cooking session a breeze.

So what is a kamado? 

Well, it’s essentially a grill that was designed from the ground up to keep food warm. Instead of gas or electricity, this cooker is fueled with fire and is pretty easy to transport. This also makes them much more eco-friendly than conventional outdoor grills. For example, you can grill everything from hot dogs to hamburgers – all of which cook evenly and quickly – but won’t leave your backyard smelling like burgers. Also, many kamado grills come with an excellent accessory that allows you to easily slow-cook your meals with the help of a rotisserie mechanism.

This design is excellent for many reasons, but one of the best is its temperature regulation. Unlike other kamado grills, this one has a temperature controller that allows you to control the temperature inside your cooker precisely. This means you can get great-tasting food every time without worrying about messing up the temperature or constantly adjusting.

Another excellent feature of this grill is its built-in automatic lid opener, which opens when gears inside the chamber engage. This automatically adjusts to keep your food at precisely the proper temperatures while cooking and acts as an indicator light on when you need to slide in more charcoal or wood chips.

How do I use it?

So, there’s a lot to like about the Kamado grills, and it is a bit more complicated than your average grill. So, how exactly do you use this thing?

  1. Find an excellent flat and level location for your cooker. You need to ensure your cooker has 2 inches of space on all sides and inside the cooker for optimal performance. This ensures that your cooker can cook adequately at high and low temperatures. You can also purchase rotisserie wheels, which will help you rotate your food while cooking.
  2. When you’re ready to start cooking, be sure to light the Kamado grill! While this may seem easy, it’s not. Unlike other grills that you simply turn on and burn wood or charcoal, these cooking appliances require a high amount of heat. Doing this right involves using a unique chimney starter found in most hardware stores or gas stations. This can then be used to ignite the main chamber of your cooker by either cranking a crank or pressing in the charcoal pan and inserting it into the grooves on the bottom of your cooker.
  3. Once you have this going, you’ll need to lay down some coal or wood chips and put them in the base grate above where you set your food. This will help keep the food moist and create a vortex with fresh oxygen that’ll distribute heat evenly throughout the chamber.
  4. You’ll then want to fill the lid box with hot coals and place it on top of your filled main chamber. This is where you can adjust the ceramic dampers so that they are slightly open to allow air through while still preventing heat from escaping. After you do this, you need to put on that lid. It’s helpful to use several wooden wedges or bricks and place them under the edge of the lid when doing this, allowing for an easy seal between your grill and lid.

Which type of charcoal to use?

You’ll want to use lump charcoal or natural sticks for the best results. These are easier to light and allow the heat to spread throughout your Kamado grill evenly. This can be found at most car part stores or online. Some people also prefer briquettes, although they don’t distribute heat relatively as evenly as natural coals do.

You should also note that what type of wood chips you place in your grill will affect the flavor of the food coming out of it. If you’d like a sweet-tasting finish or want to add some smokey flavor, try apple chips or hickory wood.


So, that’s a quick rundown of how to use a Kamado grill. It is a worthwhile investment if you enjoy cooking outdoors, but it does take some special attention and practice. Overall, this is a unique and simple way to enjoy meals out of the oven.

If you are ready to purchase your Kamado grill and want to check out some of the best deals available on these unique outdoor grills, then check out our Kamado grill reviews and find the best deal on a new outdoor cooker. If you want to get into healthier cooking, you will be looking for this type of grill.

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