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Kamado BBQ Paradise

The high-quality KamadoClub chicken cooking stand will provide the convenience of cooking whole chicken! Using a ceramic chicken rack, you can pour the liquid of your choice into it, which will keep the chicken juicy and full of yating taste when it evaporates. It can be a variety of marinades, beer, wine, apple juice, any of your favorite drink that will make the dish special inside by steaming, and the KamadoClub barbecue will take care of the crispy skin and rich shade.

Ceramic chicken stand features:

  • High quality ceramics
  • Vertical position
  • For roasting chicken
  • Good heat transfer
  • Possibility to fill with liquid
  • Height 17 cm
  • The diameter of the neck of the chicken stand is 7 cm
  • The height of the neck of the chicken stand is 9 cm
  • The volume of the liquid container is 500 ml
Weight 1 kg
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