Citrus pellets, 2000g


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Kamado BBQ Paradise

Citrus pellets for smoking are perfect for smoking various products. For hot smoking: preheat the grill to the required temperature, place the pellets in a smoking box or cylinder (which will extend the smoking time up to three times) and place directly on the heated charcoal.

For cold smoking: place the pellets in the smoking cylinder and ignite it with an electric or gas igniter. Place the smoky pellets at the bottom of the grill, instead of charcoal. The smoke will last for upto 4 hours.

Leave food on the grill throughout smoking and close the lid of the KamadoClub barbecue. The lid must be closed to give the food as much flavor, colour and smoke as possible! Use pellets when smoking at temperatures below 100 degrees. For smoking and for longer than 20 minutes. use a ceramic deflector for baking.

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