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Kamado BBQ Paradise

Professional chefs know that traditional baking and smoking are not the only ways to prepare food on embers. With the Kamado Club grill you can prepare everything: crispy chicken, roasted and smoked turkey, roasted vegetables and many other dishes. And all this is thanks to the special Kamado Club accessories! The high-quality INKBIRD IBT-2X digital wireless food thermometer will provide convenience while grilling different dishes! IBT-2X is a digital food thermometer as it connects to your phone’s integrated application via bluetooth (wireless) connection. The digital wireless thermometer is designed to ease your food preparation process. You will be able to set the thermometer up to the selected temperature and observe the process from your smart device. The digital food thermometer INKBIRD IBT-2X comes in set with 2 stainless steel temperature sensors, so you will always be able to control and observe an accurate food cooking temperature. That is convenient!

The main features

  • 2 temperature sensors (probes)
  • Ergonomic, light and compact wireless (bluetooth) digital thermometer for convenient use
  • LED display and temperature diagram
  • A free app with the help of which you will be able to observe temperature changes in your smart devices
  • Wireless thermometer for baking, grilling in Kamado Club grills, in the oven, etc.

BBQ GO is your best assistant!

Easy use Simply put the temperature sensor into the food, select its type and temperature. BBQ GO will do the rest! When food is ready, you will be informed by sound in your smart device. Distance of 300 feet The thermometer signal transmitted seeks about 50 metres, so you will not have to stand next to the grill and feel worry free about the food. It is better to spare the time for your family and friends.

The INKBIRD IBT-2X digital wireless food thermometer app

Look for the “bbq go” app and download it free from App Store or Google Play

The digital wireless food thermometer is compatible with:

  • iPhone 4S or later models
  • iPad series 3 and later models
  • iPad mini and later models
  • iPod Touch series 5 and later models
  • Requires iOS 7+
  • Android 4.4 and later versions with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility

The INKBIRD IBT-2X digital wireless food thermometer features:

Temperature range: 0~300°C / 32~572°F ). Temperature error: ±1°C

Increased temperature signal. Temperature range signal. Remaining time signal.

2 temperature sensors (probes)

Signal strength (distance of operation) up to 50 m

LED display

Power supply from 2x AAA batteries. To be purchased separately

Weight excl. package: 150 g. Weight incl. package: 250 g.

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