Kamado table Paradise No.4


Delivery time 3-7 weeks

Table size : 1500mm X 850mm X 880mm

Kamado Grill Table with a holder with hooks for hanging accessories

A charcoal grill is used in this Kamado grill table, and charcoal is well-known and liked for its flexibility. You may prepare practically any form of cuisine with this Kamado grill table, from burgers, hotdogs, and steaks to desserts, fruits, and even pizzas.

This Kamado grill table and prep table has a lot of lockable storage space and wheels to make it easy to move around. A paper towel holder, four hooks, and a spice rack are also included. This versatile Kamado grill table let you to cook, serve, pour beverages, and do other tasks while remaining in close proximity to your guests. Use it as a garden tool caddy, a BBQ grill cart, an outdoor bar, a service cart, a prep table, or a serving cart.

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