KamadoClub Junior grill table


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Kamado BBQ Paradise

KamadoClub JUNIOR is an exclusive clay grill. The original DiamondCut exterior design, high quality ceramics and colour selection. An exceptional grill needs an exceptional table. Quality handmade wooden tables according to your needs, visions and wishes! We will manufacture exceptional, single-unit wooden tables for your KamadoClub grill. A beautifully-looking, wide and comfortable worktop, additional space to keep the grill utensils: charcoal, accessories, etc. The convenience of use and comfort are GUARANTEED.

Willing to transport your grill with the table? Go ahead!

The number or legs equals the number of wheels! Quality wheels will allow you move the table with ease and fast. Two fasteners – brakes will give the table stability. Transport and and enjoy grilling!

An original product

The tables manufactured by us will be exclusive and original. Each table will be marked with an original label: the KamadoClub stainless steel logo. You will know at all times that you have an original handmade table!

Colour selection

We will manufacture a table of any colour according to your needs! Do you see your KamadoClub JUNIOR grill in a dark-coloured table? Or is it in a burnt-wood table? Or a dark brown colour table? Everything is possible! We will manufacture a table as you wish!

The KamadoClub JUNIOR table features:

  • Handmade wooden table
  • Pinewood spruce wood or wood of your choice (according to a separate agreement)
  • Impregnated
  • Possibility to have a table with wheels / without wheels
  • A wide worktop
  • The measurement depends on your needs!
  • The table production time is up to 10 days
Weight 50 kg
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