ThermoPro TP-07S digital wireless food thermometer


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Kamado BBQ Paradise

Professional chefs know that traditional baking and smoking are not the only ways to prepare food on embers. With the KamadoClub grill you can prepare everything: crispy chicken, roasted and smoked turkey, roasted vegetables and many other dishes. And all this is thanks to the special KamadoClub accessories! The high-quality THERMOPRO TP-07S digital wireless food thermometer will provide convenience while grilling different dishes! The digital wireless thermometer is designed to ease your food preparation process. You will be able to set the thermometer up to the selected temperature and observe the process from an LCD display. The digital food thermometer THERMOPRO TP-07S comes in set with 1 stainless steel temperature sensor, so you will always be able to control and observe an accurate food cooking temperature. That is convenient!

The main features

  • 1 temperature sensor (probe)
  • An ergonomic, light and compact digital thermometer for convenient use
  • LCD display and temperature imaging
  • Manual setting of preferred temperature
  • Wireless mode. The distance seeks up to 50 metres
  • Warning about lost wireless signal
  • Sound information if the temperature of the meat being prepared exceeds the temperature set
  • Changing colour range according to temperature
  • Timer
  • Sound signal
  • Rubber case
  • Wireless thermometer for baking, grilling in KamadoClub grills, in the oven, etc.

The ThermoPro TP-07S digital wireless food thermometer features:

Kamado Club.LTTemperature range: 0~300°C / 32~572°F ). Temperature error: ±1°C

Kamado Club.LTIncreased temperature signal. Temperature range signal. Remaining time signal.

Kamado Club.LT1 temperature sensor (probe)

Kamado Club.LTSignal strength (distance of operation) up to 150 m

Kamado Club.LTLCD display

Kamado Club.LTPower supply from 4x AAA batteries. Batteries included.

Kamado Club.LTWeight excl. package: 150 g.

Kamado Club.LT1 year warranty

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