Pros and cons of wood chips for smoking

You have a few options if you’re considering smoking meat and want an easy way to do it. You can smoke the meat in a smoker using wood chips for fuel. And, if you wish to try the taste of smoked food without investing in tons of gear, this is your ticket!

Wood chips are pieces of sawdust or wood more minor than a 1-inch square. Wood chips make a great base because they smoke instead of burning as logs do. Let’s look at what wood chips are, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

What are wood chips used for?

Wood chips are used to smoke meat. When you smoke meat using wood chips, the smoke turns into a heavy brown barbecue flavor, adding a beautiful aroma to your food. You can also use wood chips as a decorative element in your barbeque, BBQ table, or placemat.

What are the advantages of smoking with wooden cooking utensils?

How do you make smoked food?

Smoking with wood is not rocket science at all. All you need is a smoker, heat, and wood chips. This can be an ordinary kettle grill that you often use to cook food, but with a heavy smoke cover. Or, if you want to get serious about smoking food, you can buy a smoker specifically for this purpose. All smokers work in basically the same way – the cook heats the smoker, and the smoke from wood chips creates a smoky flavor in the meat.

Some wood chips are hickory wood chips, cherry wood chips, and oak wood chips. Most people prefer smoking meat with hickory or cherry because they give a traditional smoked flavor. Oakwood chips have a more subtle flavor than hickory and cherry.

Advantages of smoking with wood

There are many health benefits to eating smoked food. 

  • The smoke flavor gives it a fantastic taste, and it also contains antioxidants that help the meat from going evil and decaying. 
  • Smoking creates a chemical reaction in the meat. 
  • The natural enzymes in the meat respond to the heat by interacting with the smoke, producing new compounds. 
  • Some of these new compounds can prevent bacterial growth, which keeps your meat fresher for a more extended period. 
  • Smoking your food can decrease your weight and help you lose weight or keep your weight in check. 
  • It is an excellent way to make your food full of flavor without putting too much oil on it. 
  • Smoking is an excellent way to preserve the moisture in foods. 
  • When you eat food cooked using wood chips, you get all the benefits of this smokey flavor and enjoy that healthy food for even longer. 

Disadvantages of smoking with wood

  • You have got to be careful when buying your wood chips. You need to make sure that the wood is from a tree that can be used for smoking. Many of these wood chips are made from pine or cedar trees, which may not be safe for consumption by humans. But, even if they are made from those trees, they may not have preservatives added to them and will go wrong sooner than you would like them to go wrong.
  • Another disadvantage is that you will have to get more wood chips to create the same amount of smoke as if you were using logs. The smoke per minute makes a huge difference. 
  • The wood chips are not inexpensive, mainly because they usually make up a considerable portion of your smoking materials. If you smoke meat often, it would be best if you bought your wood chips.
  • You cannot use sticks and logs to create smoked food; however, you can use wood chips instead of logs. Because the way the chip burns is faster than the way a log burns, it would be wise to buy more than less to get enough smoke for your needs.  
  • You cannot use wood chips for smoking fish and seafood. You will not get the same amount of smoke in this type of food like meat or vegetables. There is only a minimal amount of wood chips that can be used to create good smoked flavor in seafood. If you want to smoke seafood, you must buy real wood chunks and not just take out the chips.


Many people prefer smoking their food over any other way of cooking. It’s a fun and easy way to cook if you want to try out an outdoor cooking method but don’t want to get too serious. Smoking your food using wood chips is good because it gives you a very thick smoke flavor that lasts for a long time in your food. Even if you are not a meat-eater, smoking vegetables and fish will give them an incredible taste. So, the next time you smoke your meat or fish – make sure you use some wood chips!

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