RareMedium rareMediumMedium wellWell done
Beef, lamb,
veal pounded steaks,
cuts and steaks
49 (52)°C52 (55)°C57 (60)°C63 (66)°C69 (71)°C
Minced beef,
lamb and veal
60 (63)°C66 (69)°C71 (74)°C
Pork pounded steaks,
cuts and steaks
52 (55)°C55 (57)°C60 (63)°C66 (69)°C69 (71)°C
Minced pork

60 (63)°C66 (69)°C71 (74)°C
Pork leg (fresh)60 (63)°C
Pork shoulder93 (93)°C
Poultry*71 (74)°C
Best Kamado Grill Table In the UK- Kamado BBQ Paradise.
* Includes chicken, duck, goose and turkey. Do not slice the meat immediately after it has been removed from the grill. Allow it to rest so that the juices migrate back into the grilled meat. The resting time depends on the size of the meat and may range from three minutes to one hour.
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