The Definitive Guide to Kamado Grills

There are few things in this world better than fresh, home-cooked food cooked on a charcoal grill. While gas grills can be convenient for some, there’s no substitute for the flavor you get from cooking over hot coals.

So what makes a Kamado UK grill different? Kamado grills use ceramics to create an airtight seal to maintain even heat distribution and regulate airflow before opening up into the lower vent or chimney. This design makes them ideal for smoking meat and poultry at low temperatures over long periods without burning them. Kamado ceramic grill also retains heat better than most gas grills on the market. The temperature stays at even levels, which makes them great for consistent cooking.

The term ‘Kamado’ used to be a trademark that referred to the home style of barbecue cookers, but now it is often used to refer to the entire class of cooker pots and kettles that are designed for outdoor cooking. It’s important to note that there are several different styles of Kamado grills, with differences in design and operation, so this article will review different types based on their intended use – like a smoker or a grill.

Kamado grills are typically made from stainless steel. Other materials include porcelain, cast iron, stoneware, and aluminum.

Types of Kamado Pots & Kettles

Kamados are typically black in color, but the most popular colors tend to be red, blue and green. The color of the pot or kettle becomes more important in colder climates where you will want to protect it from the harsh elements on windy days. You also need to consider whether you want a smaller model or one that’s larger and more versatile with additional accessories; as well as what kind of Kamado BBQ sauce/marinade you will use in your grill’s cooker.

The term “Kamado” is an abbreviation of the Japanese word ‘kamado’ which means ‘cooking container’.

There are two primary types: kettle and smoker. As the names suggest, they both come with a heavy-bottomed pot (or kettle), however, they differ in the way the heat is distributed because the heat source is contained within a separate unit.

Kettle Kamado Grills:

The classic Kamado grill is a black, egg-shaped pot that stands vertically with the opening facing up. The door or lid has two handles that allow it to be moved easily. On the top of the lid are vents and a handle designed to hold a temperature gauge used to measure the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking. The bottom half usually comes with an attached charcoal chute and grate, while the top half is made from ceramic or stoneware and holds your food. There’s also a vent on top which allows you to control smoke flow as well as airflow into your grill for proper smoking.

Kamado Lids:

The lid typically has a small vent on top, as well as two small vents and a damper that controls airflow. This can be very handy if you want to slow down or stop the heat coming off the charcoal, while still allowing you to easily remove the food from your grill during those final few minutes of cooking.

Kamado Smoker:

In contrast to kettle grills, Kamado smokers are constructed differently. They have an upright outer shell with barbecue grates that allow you to adjust the amount of heat going into your cooker. A small door on the side of the cooker, known as a thermometer door, allows you to adjust the heat within via placing hot coals inside. These can be used in cold weather as well because you are able to regulate temperatures by opening and closing the top vents.

Kamado smokers are more versatile than Kamado kettles because they have multiple uses. They can be used to cook your meat at low temperatures over long periods of time and they also can be used to smoke meat, fish, and poultry with a combination of charcoal and wood chips.


Kamados are perfect for outdoor cooking and are particularly useful when there is not a lot of room inside your grill. While it may seem like there are fewer options out there than you need, if you consider the fact that they can be used to smoke meat and vegetables, this makes them an all-in-one solution. Kamados can also be custom-made to suit your needs, which means that you can have a custom-designed one that is tailored specifically to be used as a smoker or as a grill depending on your preference.

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