Warranty Terms And Conditions

Under the following conditions and provisions, Kamado BBQ Paradise guarantees the first buyer that Kamado grills manufactured or supplied ceramic barbecue grills are used under normal conditions and are without manufacturing or material defects. The warranty is granted from the day of sale to the first buyer for these specified periods: unlimited warranty applies to the ceramic frame, ceramic firebox, fire ring and ceramic accessories of the barbecue grill, (2) year warranty applies to all metal parts and accessories of the grill, (1) year warranty applies to temperature meter and fire-resistant gasket, (1) year warranty applies to side shelves. This limited warranty for total operation time applies only to natural persons who use the barbecue grill for non-commercial purposes. For legal persons who use the barbecue grill for commercial purposes, (1) year warranty applies to ceramic frame and all-ceramic and parts and accessories. The warranty is valid only after registration of the product on THIS PAGE. Any splits or cracks on the ceramic barbecue grills noticed at the time of purchase must be marked on the original purchase receipt. The warranty does not apply to scratches, dents, chipping, cracks or small cosmetic cracks on the outer coating that do not affect the operation of barbecue grill and are completely harmless. Materials such as chlorine, industrial smoke, chemicals, fertilizers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides and salt can damage the metallic paint and coating materials. Therefore, the warranty applied to parts of metal, stainless steel and cast iron are not applied to RUSTOXIDATIONFADING and other DEFECTS. This warranty cannot be transferred to other owners.


If any product subject to this warranty is defective, it will be repaired or replaced with a similar new product or a new part depending on the selected Kamado Grill. According to this warranty Kamado BBQ Paradise assumes responsibility for repair and (or) replacement of parts. When submitting a claim, the buyer must take pictures of irregularities in order to assess the damage.

According to Kamado BBQ Paradise warranty, scratches, cracks, splits, dents and small cosmetic defects that do not affect the operation shall not be repaired. This warranty is not applied if defects are the result of wrong and improper mounting or improper maintenance, use contrary to instructions or for other purposes, as well as for product storage in the wrong environment. This warranty is not applied if defects are the result of natural wear and tear accidents, natural disasters, unauthorized repair, redesigning or replacement of the product or its parts. This warranty is not applied if splits and cracks of the ceramic grill appeared after the product was sold to the first buyer. Kamado BBQ Paradise does not assume responsibility for delay or failure to fulfil warranty obligations arisen as a result of event or contingency, which Kamado BBQ Paradise cannot control. The warranty shall be cancelled if any liquids, including flammable liquids, have been poured into or on the ceramic grill. The warranty shall be cancelled if the grill is fired with wood or other improper fuel. The grill must be lit with high-quality hardwood charcoal and dry firestarters must be used to fire it. Materials or conditions for which Kamado BBQ Paradise does not take any responsibility may damage the protective coating of the ceramic grill. Kamado grill is made of rust-resistant materials; however, the warranty shall not  be applied in case of rust or oxidation of metal parts, unless the structural integrity of the grill has been damaged.

This warranty shall not apply if the product has been bought from unauthorized suppliers and (or) third parties. This warranty applies to products bought from authorized suppliers as listed in kamadobono.co.uk.
This warranty shall not apply if the grill is used for commercial or other similar purposes. This warranty covers regular daily use and maintenance.

Kamado BBQ Paradise does not take responsibility for delay or failure to fulfil warranty obligations arisen as a result of event or contingency, which Kamado BBQ Paradise cannot control, including but not limited to, natural disasters, fire, government restrictions or restraints, strikes, transport delays or reduced material resources.

The foregoing is the sole Kamado BBQ Paradise warranty. Kamado BBQ Paradise explicitly shall not assume responsibility for any other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of implied commercial characteristics and suitability for a specific purpose.

This warranty shall not apply and Kamado BBQ Paradise shall not take responsibility for damage arisen as a result of delay, discontinued operation and inconvenience or for any incidental, special and/or consequential damages. The exclusive right to the buyer for breach of this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product or its parts according to this warranty.

In some countries the warranty period limitations are not permitted or are not applied for incidental or consequential damage; therefore, the limitations above or exclusions may not apply to your case. The warranty hereby provides all the legal rights, but you may be subject to other rights that are specified in each country. Kamado BBQ Paradise does not authorize any natural or legal persons to take responsibility on behalf of the Kamado BBQ Paradise for sale or purchase of Kamado BBQ Paradise products. The warranty shall not apply for a product bought from unauthorized dealers. If you have any questions regarding the identification of authorized dealers, please contact Kamado BBQ Paradise before you buy the product.
For submission of any warranty claim please contact with Kamado BBQ Paradise administration https://kamadobbqparadise.co.uk/contact-us/

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