Wood chips for smoking: Tips & Tricks

A lot of people use wood chips to smoke food and different things. But the issue is that they usually have a strong smell that you might find offensive. And, there often isn’t enough of them to last long so they must be replaced often. This article gives you some tips that help you get the most out of your wood chips to smoke food for an extended period.

If you want to smoke food for a lengthy period, finding the right type or brand of wood chips is significant. If this is your first time smoking food, then getting wood chips made by experts who smoke fish or meat can be a good idea because they have been through this process before and know what will work best when smoked and how to make it taste better.

What type of wood should you use to smoke food? 

This can be an important decision because you want to get the best-tasting food possible. Remember, if you do not like the taste of your food, then most people won’t either. So, it is essential to make sure that you use wood chips that have a neutral taste so that your food will taste good regardless of how hot or cool it is when you are smoking it. Some people also use “smoke sticks,” which are small pieces of thin wood.

How much wood should you use? 

The amount of wood you smoke each day depends on how long and how often you will be smoking food. If you only smoke one type of food, it will not be that much wood you need. But if you plan to smoke food for a long time, timber will increase. Make sure that it is enough so that the food doesn’t taste bad after a few hours.

How to use the wood: 

  1. You have to light your smoker and place your food on it as soon as possible before the wood gets too dry. 
  2. When it has been too dry for too long, its smoke smell is not as strong anymore, so it does not have its typical flavor anymore, and many people find this strong smell unpleasant. 
  3. It is also essential to manage your wood supply. Do not stack it too high or too low because if you use too much wood at one time, it might catch fire, damaging the smoker. 
  4. Do not put the wood on direct heat because this can also cause the wood to catch dangerous fire. So, make sure that you place a small amount of wood on the indirect side of the heat. You can also set a fire extinguisher close to the smoker if anything goes wrong.

How do you keep your food from getting too smokey? 

If you put too much wood into your smoker, it will make your food have too strong of a smoke flavor which might be unpleasant. So, if you are smoking fish or meat and it is becoming too smokey, then soak some fruit in water and place it in the smoker with the meat or fish until its smoke smell is gone. If there are still some smokey smells left, you should remove the fruit and put more wood on the smoker while smoking. This will make it taste better after a while.

How long do you smoke food? 

Many factors affect the time that you smoke food. If you put too much wood at once, your food might taste burnt even though you have been smoking it for an extended period. So, make sure that there is enough wood on your smoker so that the food doesn’t start to taste bad. The smoker temperature is essential too. If your smoker is too hot, your food might cook faster, so you should slightly turn it down. It can also burn, so make sure that you put some food in the smoker before you put the wood chips on to ensure that nothing will happen to it.

How do you expect your food to taste? 

If you want to get the best taste out of your food, you have to pay attention to how much time and how much wood is used. There are many different kinds of wood, and each type has a different taste which will affect how your food tastes once it is smoked.


To sum it up, the primary purpose of smoking food is to provide you with the needed nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to live. You have to remember that smoking food is an art and should be followed carefully for it not to taste bad. Plus, once you start smoking food, then it will be a good habit to maintain so that you can eat healthy foods instead of processed junk food. If you want to start smoking food for more extended periods, then make sure that you get the suitable types of wood and manage your supply so that your smoker does not have any problems such as catching on fire or having too much smoke coming from it can ruin everything.

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