Wood chunks for smoking: perfect flavor of your meat and fish

Wood chunks for smoking: perfect flavor of your meat and fish

Not everyone is an expert in the art of smoking. However, you can significantly improve your skills by reading this guide on smoking meat and fish using wood chunks rather than a traditional smoker. If you plan on getting into barbecue, smoking out of a chimney or fireplace without electricity can be tricky — but with this knowledge, you’ll be able to smoke using just your backyard fire pit and an old bread loaf!

Ways of Smoking Using Wood Chunks

Pre-Smoking (Smoking)

Cutting wood is one of the most tedious parts of smoking. You’ll need to select individual wood to allow even heat distribution throughout the project, but small pieces of wood aren’t always easy to find. Most cuts are made using a chainsaw, which can be dangerous (the saw is sharp and can injure anyone standing in front of it), though some people choose to take their saws into the woods and cut their lumber. If you wish to save money on your smoker, consider cutting your lumber from maple, oak, or even redwood with a chainsaw.

Types of wood chunks to choose

The wood you choose will also determine what type of wood chunks you’ll need to smoke with. The best wood for smoking is brisket (which contains carbohydrates that make it an excellent fuel source). Any kind of meat can be smoked using this method, though beef is typically used as it’s milder. However, if you’re interested in smoking an entire deer or turkey, your smoker will require a lot more food and fuel!

Cutting the pieces

In addition to the type of wood you use, how you cut your pieces will also affect how they burn. If you cut them too large or too small, they won’t have enough oxygen to create smoke — therefore, they’ll be far less effective at smoking meat. For example, some chunks will burn so quickly they’ll only create steam, while others will burn too slowly to create smoke. The best smoking wood chunks are cut no larger than one cubic foot. This gives them enough oxygen to burn steadily and takes little time to prepare.

However, it might be challenging to find the right-sized lumber for your smoker. Some people choose to build their wood chunk smoker before cutting the wood and setting up their project (this can be dangerous if you don’t have correct protective equipment). 

Types of smokers 

There are a few different types of smokers you can make at home from simple materials:

  1. 1/2 barrel smoker. This is the most straightforward smoker you can make at home. All you need is a half-barrel and some old wood.
  2. Cube smoker. You’ll need a few pieces of wood and a large cube box for this one, but it’s still relatively simple to construct. For extra security, place a grill inside your package for added heat and protection from fire or flying sparks!
  3. The brick smoker. This is my personal favorite. With minimal tools required (a drill, shovel, bricks) and about five hours of work invested, you can create this functional smoker and begin smoking your first project!

The following steps will show you how to use wood chunks to create smoke in these smokers.

  • To use the cube smoker, begin by purchasing a few pieces of wood and filling the smoking box with these pieces.
  • The cube smoker will smoke food at the bottom, so you’ll need to heat your smoker before starting cooking.
  • You can also add charcoal to your box for extra fuel — with this method; you won’t need a gas-fired smoker! Create a fire around the edges of your wood chunk chunks and let them burn for several hours before tending to them.
  • When your fire has died down, place them in the box and close it up (you’ll know it’s closed when they’re glowing red). A few hours later, you should see that smoke has begun coming out of your smoking boxes. If you don’t see smoke, you may have to keep your fire burning a little longer.
  • Allow the smoker to smoke overnight — you should begin seeing smoke come out of your smoker by morning. In the morning, let the fire burn down to embers and allow it to cool (this should take about thirty minutes). Once it’s cool enough to touch the sides of your smoker without getting burned, you can open your box!

If possible, use an outside lid (but only if it doesn’t have holes). This will prevent any stale smoke or oxygen from entering or exiting the box.


Once you have learned how to smoke meat and fish using wood chunks, you’ll never want to use your oven or stove again! You can easily create smoke for meats, fish, and even vegetables with this knowledge. This process is an excellent way to get the most out of your backyard barbecue and is a fantastic way to impress all of your friends (and family!) at any outdoor gathering.

Learn how to make smoked meat and smoked turkey at home. Follow our instructions on the best smoking wood chunks.  Wood chunk smoker projects are straightforward and cheap. You can build using some old pieces of wood like cubes or barrels cut in half.

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